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Happy 4th of July

Dear Safari Enthusiast,
I like to wish you and your family a Happy 4th of July with lots of beautiful fireworks. Fireworks in St. Tropez harbor
I took this picture last summer while on a Windsurf cruise in the Mediterranean.
We were anchored in St. Tropez harbor on their Independence Day.
What has Kristina been up to lately?


Meerkats sunningKristina spent the entire month of May travelling around Southern Africa. There were many highlights of course, but one of my favorites has to be walking with the meerkats in the morning. Shortly after sunrise, they emerged from their burrows and immediately took up position in front of the sunshine to warm their tummies, huddled together. They simply ignored us and went about their own morning activities as if we weren't there. This troupe has been habituated by the camp staff at Jack's Camp in the Makgadikgadi Pans in the Kalahari, Botswana. When they were warm, they set out to find breakfast. They dig for such delicacies as scorpions, their favorite food, snakes, frogs and other creepy crawlers. Sentry Lookout

There's always a "sentry" on lookout for danger such as eagles and jackals.
More pictures can be found on my websites.  
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What else did Kristina do in Africa?
Desert Ellie at sunset Kristina visited Namibia for the first time this May. Namibia is a spectacular country of contrast with few inhabitants. Namibia is home to the Skeleton Coast, enormously beautiful sand dunes, the world's oldest desert, the second largest canyon, dry salt pans and many unusual animals including the desert elephant only found here and in Mali. Namibia is a geologist's dream. Distances are far between areas, so the best way to see Namibia is by taking a flying safari.
 Himba woman
Namibia is also home to several indigenous people, among them is the Himba tribe of the north. I was lucky to visit a Himba village. This woman is putting on a cream mixed from ochre powder and butterfat to keep her skin soft and beautifully red while also keeping from burning her skin in the sun.  
The Himba keep to their traditional way of life as much as possible, resisting any change to keep their cultural heritage intact. This is not easy today. They still live in houses plastered with cow dung. They are a nomadic people, still dependent on their cattle and goats.
I saw a poster that grabbed me emotionally: A Himba woman crying and the words say: "Through Education we loose our Children."
What's New in Travel for this 4th of July?
I'm sure you already know about the airlines? Nothing fun there. Airfares are up again, fuel-surcharges are up, capacity is up, but less flights are scheduled, so fewer seats are available; have you tried to cash in those miles lately? They're charging extra for everything too: $15.oo for your first bag, $25 for your second bag etc. More information is found on my blog as it changes every day. Some airlines are even charging for water now, $2.00, so be aware that they all follow each other. Soon you will pay extra for all seats, not just those coveted front aisle seats.
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