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Dear Safari Enthusiast,


"The darker the night the brighter the light at the end!"  We don't drown by falling in the water, we drown by staying there. One sure recipe for disaster in today's economy is to do nothing. 

Famous last words, but I do believe it's time to travel. Go now, while you still can! I will!


From June 6-17, I will attend a conference in Kenya and from July 12-August 5th I will escort a family group to Tanzania and Kenya.



Kristina Trowbridge

A place that has touched me!
Victoria Falls
At the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe

by Kristina Trowbridge


Dreams can change your life and anything around you changes with it. You wake up and you're not sure. Was it real? Maybe reality is the dream???
Likewise, any time someone goes abroad their lives are changed when they return home. Was that a dream too? Who knows what is real anyway. Everything is a perception in the end ... or not?? You decide.
Imagine a Lunar Rainbow!!!
What is that you say? Are you serious? Sure enough, under just the right conditions, the moon will cause a rainbow ... after sunset .... in the dark. No way .... ! Absolutely true. This is the stuff dreams are made of. It will touch you and change your view ... anything is possible. Nature is amazing!!! 

    This is a double Lunar Rainbow.
My life has never been so touched by a natural phenomenon as it was that night at Victoria Falls.
All week, I was hoping for a cloudless sky or the rainbow would not appear after dark. It only happens when the moon is full and the spray is high. This is not an every night event. I had come all the way to Africa to be at Victoria Falls on this day, my last day in Africa, hoping that the gods would be kind. They were.
It's a dizzying feeling. You loose your senses of what is real and what is fantasy. Who will believe this? Must I prove that I saw this? Why? How do I describe this feeling of utter unbelief, yet euphoric? It's so beautiful.
I want to share this moment with everyone on earth. Why am I so lucky? All these thoughts went through my mind ... yet I felt at peace and I really didn't care. I was here and this was my reality at this moment. It was gorgeous.
Then the moon went behind a cloud and the rainbow was gone.  Just like that.
But, wait ... look how pretty that moon is behind the cloud! What an evening! Pinch me! 

Lunar Rainbow moon

Here I am ... totally void of place and time. Is this a dream or is it real?? Who knows?
A lunar rainbow or a moonbow is a rainbow produced by the moon instead of the sun. It always appears in the opposite direction from the moon, which shines through the water spraying up from the falls, thus creating this delicate vision of a rainbow. A lunar rainbow is truly a natural wonder without equal.
The sky must be dark and the moon must be fairly low in the sky to produce a good moonbow. A lunar rainbow is more fragile and fainter in color than that produced by the sun and therefore more difficult for the human eye to see, due to the nighttime conditions, but it showed up beautifully in my pictures. Holding the camera still was another matter!
I don't know if I have a new outlook of everyday life or if my interactions with people have changed. The whole experience has allowed me to appreciate my life on earth better; maybe I will be more accepting and more flexible in life decisions. My greatest personal discovery is how fragile and how beautiful nature is. I did find out that the earth doesn't belong to the people, but all people belong to this earth. Nobody owns these heavenly visions. Everyone with eyes can see it if they are in the right place at the right time. I was very lucky. I feel that I've been touched by nature.  
The gods were looking out for me that evening! I was touched by heaven.
A Lunar Rainbow is one of the Natural Wonders of the World and I can understand why.
John Muir described the experience in his book The Yosemite: "This grand arc of color, glowing in mild, shapely beauty in so weird and huge a chamber of night shadows, and amid the rush and roar and tumultuous dashing of this thunder-voiced fall, is one of the most impressive and most cheering of all the blessed mountain evangels."

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