Mt Baker


Dear Travel Enthusiast,


What a gorgeous day it was in Seattle

on Sunday, February 21, 2010!




Never mind the Olympics going on just 2 hours away in Vancouver. Tom and I went just 1 hour north, half-way, to see the snow geese in the Skagit Valley with Mt. Baker in the background.  

Skagit Valley

  Yes, Mount Baker is in Washington state, USA. Some people in British Columbia, Canada think they have a better view of it and sometimes they do, but not today. Not with all these birds in front.


Snow Geese 

Skagit Valley is also known for its tulip fields. Those will bloom in about a month when the snow geese head north again. Right now the fields are yellow with daffodils.



Snow geese spend their summers in Alaska, but in winter they flock by the thousands to the warmer climate of the Skagit Valley.

geese flying 

They can be seen in a big gaggle of many thousands of birds together feeding on winter wheat, planted by the farmers. This is the perfect feed for them to fatten up for their flight north to Alaska in March. 

geese feeding 
Tom got very close to the gaggle of snow geese!!! 


When they flew, they made a deathening noise! 


flying snow geese


I have posted additinal pictures in an album on Facebook to see more click Facebook here.

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