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Summer 2010




Timone kiss

Timone Xaus needs a kiss, she's a 4 month-old meerkat

Dear Safari Enthusiast, 

 Happy 4th of July  

I hope summer has finally arrived in Seattle. I know some areas in the US are hot already, but not so here in the Pacific Northwest. So far, we've had winter weather all summer and summer weather all winter! No change actually all year. The summer solstice was just now on June 21st, so it should get better quickly. Sometimes the fall is the best here!     

You may wonder what is the state of the travel agent today? Sometimes I do too!!! Not funny, but where have YOU been? I'm still here working away, learning more about my destinations, travelling more so I can serve you better, attending seminars, conferences and meetings all over the world. My experience is your gain. You get the best possible value when using a travel consultant like myself, for your vacations.  

Stay in touch and remember me for your vacation!

I'll be happy just to help you plan your vacation for a consulting fee or to book it free of charge, most of the time. Airline tickets are sometimes just as easy to do on-line, but not always. I just saved the Karlsens about $1,000.00 per ticket on a fairly simple itinerary to Scandinavia. Not too shabby!!! It felt so good :) smiley!!! My ticketing fee kicked in, but that was peanuts compared to their savings.


 A Win-Win Vacation for all



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Around Johannesburg, South Africa

Lately, I've been busy with my Africa business. Due to both the volcanic action in Iceland and British Airways strikes, plan B kicked in for me. I changed my schedule and had to leave 3 days earlier than planned for Johannesburg, before the Indaba Conference in Durban. This was great actually, as I had time to fit in 3 full days of sightseeing around Johannesburg. Don't let anyone tell you to get out of Joburg town as fast as possible. Joburg has a lot to offer.  

Safari Club

I stayed within 10 minutes from the airport at the Safari Club, a small lodge in a garden setting.  

Fortunately I didn't have to compete with crowds surrounding the World Cup just yet. The hustle & bustle were felt everywhere, the anticipation was definitely in the air.  

The first day I went to Rhino & Lion Reserve. There are many animal parks around Joburg, but this one is the best due to their conservation and preservation efforts of wild animals.  Rhino & Lion NRSome "parks" are more like "Disneyland", but I won't mention them here.   

In the past I've visited the Cullinan Diamond Mine, going down 2 miles under ground. This is where the largest diamond (3,565 carats) ever found was unearthed at the Premier Mine.  

I've also visited the Cradle of Humankind with the Sterfontein Caves, one of South Africa's eight (8) UNESCO World Heritage sites. More than one third of early hominid fossils ever found is right here including the Taung child.  

There's also an excellent cultural village at Lesedi and of course Soweto and the Apartheid Museum. I've spent an entire day here. It's not at all what you probably think!  


Come with me to South Africa and find out.  

The Elephant Sanctuary at Hartbeespoort Dam 

The second day of my extended stay in Johannesburg, I was picked up early by my private guide Daryl, for the hour drive to Hartbeesport. I've always wanted to visit this sanctuary for elephants that have miss-behaved in the wild and need a place to live in peace. 

Ellie kiss

Tembi is appliying a kiss which feels more like he's sucking my cheek out of my face! And it was muddy!! What fun!!!!!



The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre - De Wildt 

My friend Kathy arrived on the 3rd day and together we visited the De Wildt cheetah conservation center with Daryl.

Byron, cheetah

Byron, the ambassor cheetah loves to travel around to schools and educate the local children about cheetahs and their conservation



Kathy, Carole, Mallory & Brenda arrived at the Safari Club in the evening and we were off to Mozambique early the next morning.



Transfrontier Parks Destinations
Machampane and !Xaus  

Machampane Camp

Machampane Wilderness Camp, Mozambique

From Johannesburg, we flew to Kruger National Park, drove across the park and entered Mozambique at the Giriyondo border post where we found ourselves in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, bordering Kruger with no fences, so the animals can move freely. After a short game drive we arrived at Machampane Tented Camp, an unfenced luxury bush camp nestled under trees on the bank of Machampane River. This is truly remote and a haven for those who think they've seen it all!!!!


Machampane Camp is heavily involved with the local communities. One of the highlights is visiting the local village, especially the school that they support with our camp fees. Driving there is also a game drive. 


Machampane school kids

This is the classroom

The classroom is a blackboard under a tree for shade. The seats are in the sand or on a log. The kids are well behaved and listen to their teacher. It surely puts what our kids have in perspective! I wish every child could be so lucky and get a chance to visit a school in Africa.  


The best gift that you can give your own kids is the gift of travel to emerging destinations like Africa.


massingir vehlo kids 

The kids at Massingir Vehlo school in Mozambique

Some are shy, some look naughty; all are as cute as can be!  



!Xaus Lodge in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park


!Xaus Lodge

This is !Xaus Lodge at sunrise! WOW!!


Our next stop was in the opposite corner of South Africa on the border with Namibia and Botswana. The setting here is fabulous and the interaction with the San people unforgettable.

Timone XausBUT ... & ....


However nice everything else is here, it's definitely Timone Xaus that steals your heart forever. The local bushmen found her abandoned in the desert surrounding the pan and brought her to the lodge, where she roams freely and charms the guests. It is love at first sight. See my picture on top.


She went everywhere with us during our short stay here.


When she got tired, she would catch your pant-leg and squeak:  

Pick me up

I'm tired, Pick me up!




US Passport 

New Passport Fees Take Effect on July 13, 2010

On June 28, 2010, the U.S. Department of State published its Schedule of Fees for Consular Services in the Federal Register. The changes will take effect on July 13, 2010. I suggest that you renew your passport now if your passport expires this year and that you request the additional pages if you usually need them later. They will no lonber be free of charge. Any passport applicant may request a larger book at the time of application by including a letter of explanation.  The larger passport is issued at the discretion of the Passport Office and is available at no additional cost.


Because the fee increases are likely to prompt a surge of last-minute applications for all sorts of passport services, including additional pages, I wouldn't count on getting your passport back until the end of August if you send it in (by Express Mail) today. 


The new fees are substantially higher. The most significant changes are increases in standard adult (16 years and over) passport fees from $75 to $110 and standard minor passport fees from $60 to $80. Passport cards will increase in cost from $20 to $30 ($15 for minors). The Department of State expediting fees remain at $60 per application.


The Department will begin charging $82 for adding extra pages to existing passports, plus applicable State Department $60 expediting fees. In the past, the Department provided extra pages in a customer's passport, at no charge. 


 For more information go to: 



wonky Tusk checkin in

Jonathan Scott & Phil Berry Safaris at Mfuwe Lodge in South Luangwa plus pre and post safaris are still available 


I still have space for one couple on this wonderful safari from November 3-10 at the Mfuwe Lodge. Space is also available for both of the exclusive pre & post safaris with Jonathan Scott, from BBC's "Big Cat Diary" and the legendary Phil Berry and Babette. Phil will host the biggest mammal migration on earth!


Please join me and Tom on this one-of -a kind, once in a lifetime safari!!! I will be escorting all three safaris, but your guides are ... well ..... legendary.  

For more information click on the headline link above or contact me at




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