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Late Summer 2010




Dear Safari Enthusiast,

Happy Summer 2010  

What a glorious summer we're having up here in the Pacific Northwest. It was long in coming, but when it arrived, overnight, it's stayed nice and warm for a long time. Amazing!! I love it.   

Since my last newsletter on July 4th, I've been elected to be President of the Pacific Northwest chapter of APTA (Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa). I'm very honored to be serving the Africa travel industry and with a great bunch of agents and suppliers on the board, we will promote travel to Africa to the general public and also to the travel agents in this area by hosting special events for them to increase their knowledge about Africa and its islands. APTA is a great resource for the travel agent and a great way for the suppliers to reach us. Win-Win!   

 APTA is a volunteer, nonprofit organization of Travel Professionals.
It is the goal and purpose of APTA to promote tourism to the continent of Africa and its Islands. APTA will seek to improve tourism to Africa through the education of its members.


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Continued from the last email

 Meno-a-Kwena, Boteti River & Makgadikgadi National Park, Botswana

After the Indaba Conference in Durban, on May 10 we flew out very early from their brand new airport, open for only 4 days and built for the World Cup still a month away. Our destination - Maun, Botswana via Johannesburg. In Maun we were met by our guide and he drove for about 2 hours to Meno-a-Kwena Tented Camp, which sits on the border and across the Boteti River from the Makgadikgadi National Park. The Boteti River is flowing again after being dry for about 20 years!!    

Sunset over Boteti River

Taking pictures of elephants at sunset

Ellies are enjoying the water in front of the lodge. Imagine sitting on your sandy front porch watching them!!!



ellies in Boteti

Boteti River at sunset

From the camp, it's about an hour drive to the park gate. Because of the high water level, we had to be taken by canoe across the Boteti River to enter the park.  

canoe across

Our guide Max works hard getting us and our gear, lunch etc across. He had another safari vehicle parked on the other side.  


grassland lion

I don't know! I'm clueless!

Sure want to find out. 

I can't wait to see you. Come on down here with Kristina; she's my hero!!!! Kristina knows everything.  Trust me. Do I look like a lier? Trust me.

 What happened next? 


Go with Kristina to Botswana to find out! 


She's the BEST!


Grassland Bushman Lodge, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana

flying to grassland

Kathy, Carole and Kristina


From Meno-a-Kwena, we flew to the Kalahari and the Grassland Bushman Lodge, located on the border to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.    

me with San at Grassland

Who is not the San person?


The emphasis here on the interaction with the bushmen. No place else is this experience as authentic. This is where the San people live, hunt and gather food. They live off the land. Every day, the men go hunting and the women go out to gather tubers and roots, berries and fruit.


We were privileged to be able to participate in this activity with them. The San children learn by observing their siblings, parents and grandparents. They share everything. 

!Xaus Lodge

Sharing the tsamma melon

To view 3 short video clips from my visit with the San people at Grassland click here.


Other activities offered at Grassland include game-drives, walks, sun-downers and a visit to their nearby Predator Research Center. 


What happened next? 

You know the answer already. Yes, call me to take you there.  



Zebra Stripe border

The best gift you can give your children and your grandchildren is the gift of travel. This is especially true if you go with them. Take them to meet other kids their own age in other areas of the world that are different from what they are used to. It will change their lives forever. Trust me! It is true.  

The Okavango Delta in flood  

Okavango in flood 

The Okavango Delta hasn't seen water this high since 1984 or possibly since 1956. Already in mid- May, before the actual flood is supposed to come down from Angola in July, the Delta was in high water. This is, of course !Xaus Lodgevery exciting for everyone.


Our first stop was Mapula Lodge in northern Okavango. The best way to get around was absolutely by mokoro*. I'm being "poled" here by Karl, who has lived in the Delta all his life. In the Delta, poling is an art and a family tradition.

* A mokoro is similar to a dug-out canoe. 

Driving on the flooded roads was fun too, but you may just get stuck! The water was reaching over the hood in some places and often pouring into the vehicle. Once on dryer land, Dicks - our fabulous driver/guide would just open the door and let the water out. What an adventure! I could not stop laughing. You have to bring a sense of humor on safari!


We are sinking

Dicks has declared: "We are sinking"!!!


Malachite Kingfisher

Malachite Kingfisher

Oh!!! Another rescue! Kathy, Carole & I took refuge on the top and last seat contemplating plan B. Water reached up to the middle seats. We can always, somehow get on top of the canvas roof with our cameras, right? Not to worry! We were rescued in time and on our way to catch our flight. We've been wondering if they ever got that vehicle out and if it could be used again? Mapula later took delivery of a safari boat and new vehicles.   


It was a bit more difficult to find all the animals now than when the Delta is hot and dry, like in October*, but the birdlife was terrific. How about this colorful little guy?
* October is considered "suicide" month, because it can get very hot and dry then. But the animal viewing is superb.


After Mapula, we visited Delta Camp, then Santawani. It was here that we saw the Wild Dogs kill the impala right in front of us at Sankuyo Camp. What an ending.


Wild dog Kill

Kathy got the best shot of the wild dogs with the impala kill.


So, what happened next?
YOU got it!

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              Have you asked me to escort your family and friends on your Dream Trip or Safari? 
Someone did!!! ..... AGAIN!!!!

My next escorted tour is to Fiji and New Zealand.   

A Fijian sandbar island

A Perfect Fijian sandbar island to yourself!

That is ... in high tide only!


The itinerary and pictures from my 4 previous trips to Fiji
are posted on my website here.  



wonky Tusk checkin in

The Jonathan Scott & Phil Berry Safari at Mfuwe Lodge in South Luangwa 


This safari is now sold out. I'm sorry that you won't be able to join us this time. 
I would love to escort you on another safari in the near future. Just ask me.


Where will Kristina go next? 

I will be visiting my mother in Sweden from Aug 18-31.

I will be visiting Tanzania in October, researching Mbali Mbali camps and lodges.
I hope that some day, I can send you there with confidence.

After Tanzania, I will fly from Dar es Salaam to Lusaka and begin the safari above with
Phil Berry,  Jonathan Scott and Wonky Tusk.

I should have some interesting stories to report in my next newsletter! 




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