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Who wants to join me in Patagonia next October or November 2011

By a popular request, I'm working on an escorted tour to Patagonia. It will include a cruise on one of the Cruceros Australis small expedition ships. 


Cruceros Australis 


The National Geographic Traveler magazine did a list with outstanding trips with destinations all over the world called "Tours of a Lifetime". In the category Central and South America the magazine selected the Ushuaia - Punta Arenas route of Cruceros Australis as the number one spot.


We will also visit Santiago and Buenos Aires with an add-on trip to Easter Island.


Let me know if you are interested in joining this tour and I will keep you informed of the itinerary and cost. I'm only taking 10 people, so space is limited. Call 206-297-7179 or reply to this email.


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Is Cruise West out of business?

My favorite cruise line to Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and the Sea of Cortes has abruptly closed their doors last week. Cruise West, a small-ship cruise line founded in Alaska, and with head-quarters in Seattle, announced on September 8 that it is selling off assets and taking other steps to restructure the company. As of September 10, 65 employees have been laid off. This is so very sad.

Cruise West's financial struggles have been public for some time. In July, I learned that the line had secured a $1.5 million loan and was reportedly seeking additional financing via investment bankers, while also exploring the possibility of selling their flagship the Spirit of Oceanus. Seatrade reported that Dietmar Wertanzl, Cruise West's former chairman and CEO resigned on August 30.

Cruise West has announced that it is terminating the Spirit of Oceanus' Voyage of the Great Explorers, a 335-day world cruise in Newfoundland as part of a company restructuring. In a statement on its website the company says that it is not accepting any new bookings. The statement says that Cruise West plans to continue to operate its other ships in Alaska and on the Columbia River through October.  

The company is not doing any interviews and it's not clear if Cruise West has been sold to new owners. The company has been in business for nearly 64 years providing small scale cruises focusing on Alaskan itineraries and on river cruising. The company provides what are known as expedition or "soft adventure" cruises and has been popular with those looking for a more personal cruising experience away from the big mass market cruise lines. Their ships accommodate only between 74 and 114 guests.  


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In Namibia

Kristina wants to take you there! - Join ME!!  


Are  you interested in joining one of my escorted tours?


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Where would you like to go?


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____ Tell me when and where you want to go and I can arrange for a private tour or escort you friends and family.

Dear Travel Enthusiast,

Stockholm Seabourn Sojourn



I made a quick visit to Stockholm in August to visit with family and friends. Stockholm is a beautiful city even in the rain. I took one day to stroll around town. "Venice of the North" did not disappoint. I was excited to see the Seaborn Sojourn at anchor in front of the Old Town, Gamla Stan.  The old city was crowded that day. I was just in time for the changing of the guards, but I couldn't see anything. Hundreds of tour buses fought for space around the castle hill. I quickly fled the crowds.  Click here for more pictures from my day around town.


One evening, I attended an outdoor concert at the City Museum Courtyard.


The music was provided by Jesse's Swing Band and the dance was the Lindy Hop, popular since the second world war.  I was amazed at the skill of these dancers and enjoyed listening to Jesse's band. It brought back many fond memories from the jazz clubs in Stockholm's Old Town from my youth.  


The first night I arrived just in time for the annual picnic re-union at Kastellholmen of my old high-school buddies, who helped save the oldest coal-fired propeller-driver steamship in the world, s/s Ejdern from being sunk. We spent our young lives restoring her. I was the official cook, producing gourmet meals on a one-burner wood stove! I had not seen some of these old friends in 45 years!


Ejdern Picnic

Ejdern Gang Picnic


I was supposed to fly home on Monday Aug 30. All seemed well when I checked in online. I arrived at ARN 3 hours early as requested. Then my unexpected adventure begun. It's hilarious ... in retrospect. I'm still waiting to get my mileage for that flight!!! Read about it on my blog here:   


Where's Kristina off to next? 
Everyone is asking. 


On October 12, I will be flying again on Delta Airlines to Amsterdam for a quick connection with KLM to Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania. Here, I will join up with Kamili Safaris, based in the UK for an educational tour of the Mbali Mbali safari lodges in Tanzania.

I have scheduled one full day prior to meeting up with the group, to visit an orphanage where one of my favorite guides, Robert with Ranger Safaris, was raised before being adopted by Scottish missionaries.  Robert Marks 

Some generous people from a tour I escorted to East Africa, have donated stuff for his kids that I will deliver in person. That is the only way to make sure it gets there.


I would like to "adopt" his orphanage as my special project and bring him needed supplies on every trip. I will find out how much is needed to send his kids to college and hopefully, with your help - a certain amount of what you pay for a safari will go to this - I can sponsor several kids. IMHO - Education is everything.


I will visit Tarangire, The Serengeti, Katavi, Mahale and Gombe Forest. Situated on the wild shores of Lake Tanganyika, Gombe Stream National Park, located on the western border of Tanzania and the Congo, is most famous for Jane Goodall, the resident primatologist who spent many years in its forests studying the behavior of the endangered chimpanzees. This is the 50th year anniversary of her work here. 


Wonky mango treeOn October 24, I will fly from Dar es Salaam to Johannesburg and meet Tom.


We will then fly to Lusaka, the next day and begin our safari with Jonathan Scott and Phil Berry at Mfuwe Bushcamps and Lodge in South Luangwa Zambezi National Park. We're hoping to see Wonky Tusk lead her family through the lobby of the lodge to eat the ripe mangoes inside the garden on the other side.  


Lot's more is planned for next year too, including my escorting a group of family and friends to Fiji and New Zealand in early February. The details are here: Kristina's escorted trip to Fiji and New Zealand.


This trip trip is open only to their friends and family. I can create a similar trip for you alone or escort your group too.


Castaway Sunset

Castaway Island at sunset



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