Diving Zanzibar

Zanzibar is reputed to have some of the best diving in the world, and the coral reef structures that surround Unguja and Pemba ensure that the marine life is abundant. Good visibility (20 - 60 metres) and a year-round average water temperature of 27c ensure that you enjoy your Zanzibar diving experience, and also present an ideal opportunity for learning to dive or upgrading your diving qualification.

There are several dive centres on the island and most run courses using the international PADI system of diver education. This way, the certification you gain in Zanzibar can be used anywhere in the world.


Diving in Zanzibar isn't restricted to beginners. Experienced scuba divers can enjoy exciting wall dives, night dives and drift dives. In deeper waters, lush coral gardens often stretch as far as the eye can see, and large gamefish (barracuda, kingfish, tuna and wahoo) hunt together with large Napoleonic wrasse, graceful manta rays and sharks. Shallower waters are the playground of tropical fish, including a huge variety of Indo-Pacific marine fauna.

Expedition Cruises


Expeditions bring you up close to the wildlife and cultural sites of a region, giving you a deeper appreciation of each place. Experts accompany you, and you typically have a wide choice of activities. And it's important to note that you'll be in a small group, where you receive personal attention and have your questions answered. Often, the most memorable events are those that are unplanned. That's why every Expeditions cruise itinerary has flexibility built into the schedule. On some journeys whole days are left open for exploring. So if we happen to encounter a blue whale or a school of dolphins, for example, we'll be afforded the luxury of taking the time to stop and watch rather than having to rush off somewhere else. Lindblad Expeditions is proud to team with Zodiac of North America, Inc. as their first expedition travel company. They're one of the keys to our style of expedition travel. The best thing about the Zodiacs is that they allow us to go almost anywhere, anytime. We can venture to places where larger vessels can't go, such as remote bays and inlets, and we can do it on a moment's notice. With the combination of our agile ships and the Zodiacs, we're not tied to established ports of call. The high calibers of the people who lead the journeys and escort you (as appropriate to the destination) are naturalists, historians and experts on local cultures, with a very high ratio of staff members to passengers.

Adventure Cruises  

From the towering bergs of Antarctica to the rainforests of Costa Rica, there are wonderful ships specially designed to take you to places off the beaten path. These are small ships, most with on-board naturalists, boasting a homey ship experience and the chance to mix and mingle with fellow nature-lovers. Visit Rain forests, waterfalls, volcanoes, sunny beaches, roaring rivers, sub-alpine vegetation and endless wildlife. Costa Rica is a land of spectacular beauty, mystery and contrasts, exceptional deep-sea fishing, diving and snorkeling, abundant sea life bird watching, and lush rain forests. Cruise with a thousand dolphins. Explore uninhabited islands in "Mexico's Galapagos" home of plants, animals and seabirds including magnificent frigates, pelicans, and blue-footed boobies. Sail alongside blue and gray whales, bottlenose dolphins, sea lions, and manta rays. Snorkel or kayak from warm, sandy beaches.

Scuba Cruises

For scuba divers, & snorkelers too, who are shopping for good value in a tropical trip. I can offer you four dive vacation plans: Do-it-yourself dive vacation trips to quality Pacific & Caribbean dive resorts; or on deluxe live-aboard dive vessels in the Pacific, Caribbean & the Red Sea to tropical island destinations that are ideal for scuba divers & snorkelers alike, so couples & families can play together. Guided diving & back-country cultural tours of Fiji in the South Pacific, & the Bay Islands of Honduras, with emphasis on exploration of virgin reefs & classic historic sites such as the Copan Ruins in Honduras. Customized group tours for dive clubs, families, or independent groups of diving buddies with or without a professional dive-master escorting you, as you wish. Customized adventure vacations anywhere you wish, when you want to blend any favorite sport, mountain climbing, trekking, sailing, sea kayaking, deep-sea fishing or windsurfing, with scuba diving.


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