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Revel in the Freedom of the High Seas

The LILI MARLEEN has the flair of an exclusive yacht. The interior is characteristically maritime in style. The 250-foot-long three-masted, fully air-conditioned barquentine affords ample room for 50 guests, accommodated in 25 well-appointed outside cabins. All cabins are tastefully furnished, complete with bathroom, telephone and other amenities. It is often said that people find peace of mind and solace while sailing on a majestic windjammer. No other form of travel can rival sailing for the soothing, relaxing and thoroughly refreshing effect of being at sea. The LILI MARLEEN provides the opportunity to experience just that. On sailing days you will think of nothing other than the glorious sea. Watch the crew at work climbing the rigging and carrying out their sailing maneuvers. Hoising the sails and winching them tight is a true theatrical performance complete with its own set of sound effects. You will hear the popping sound of the wind grabbing the sails and feel the raw energy in the ropes. The LILI MARLEEN captures the full romance of the sea and lets you revel in all its splendor. You will be welcome to observe just about every aspect of the yacht experience. Or enjoy the wonderful contentment which comes from just watching the sun rise, lazing in a deck chair soaking up the sunshine, or reading a good book. Choose to go along with planned on-board activities and shore excursions or not. The freedom of sailing a tall ship and being bewitched by sea and wind is an adventure like no other. The LILI MARLEEN lets you do this in the ambiance of a private yacht. The 250 foot long, three-masted, fully air-conditioned barquentine lets you live your dream.

A Ship with Heart and Soul

Like any splendid sailing yacht, LILI MARLEEN comes to life through her crew. For this reason each staff member, beginning with the Captain, is hand picked by the owner himself. Officers, sailors, technicians, stewardesses, stewards, chefs and musicians work together in absolute harmony under the direction of a distinguished Captain to produce an often magical result. This sleek sailing vessel and proud crew are simply dedicated to the care and enjoyment of our guests on board. You will never tire of watching them go about their tasks. Marvel as raising-the-sails is lifted to an art form by theses dedicated staff. Since LILI MARLEEN is just the right size to slip into the most interesting ports of call, how fortunate to be among an experienced crew who can expertly navigate her. Through their efforts, you will enjoy the true essence of sailing in its purest form on an adventure you will remember.

Culinary Highlights aboard the LILI MARLEEN

One of the distinguishing features of this vessel is its fine cuisine. Top chefs create traditional favorites as well as the best international specialties. Lunch often features epicurean buffets of colorful salads, pates and cold meats which may be accompanied by a hot soup or entree and a choice of delectable cheeses and desserts. Special banquets, deck buffets and festive menus are featured on every voyage. For dinner, savor true culinary delights from varied menus. Each dish is beautifully prepared and presented with imaginative flair and served with a fine selection of wine vintages to complement the meal. LILI MARLEEN's stylish dining salon features an elegant nautical style rich with dark woods and resplendent design. This intimate setting has the ambiance of a private yacht. Each meal is a gastronomic adventure sure to please the palate. And, of course, dining aboard LILI MARLEEN is always single seating for your convenience and pleasure.

Life upon the High Seas

Whether you remain ensconced in your comfortable cabin or relax in our splendid lounge, as you sail, you will enjoy your time on board. Pleasing to the eye and thoughtfully appointed with plush soft furnishings, each public area of the ship was lovingly created by master craftsmen with your ultimate pleasure in mind. These rooms are intimate in design, beautiful, yet masterfully functional. The ship's lounge provides a luxurious ambiance enhanced by beautiful paintings and fittings fashioned in a superb hardwood. Yet, nestled within are sofas and tables that encourage camaraderie and lively conversation. Here LILI MARLEEN guests mingle and socialize. A well-stocked bar is on hand to provide refreshment. And, if the weather is not the best, head up to Lili's Bar to relax with a good book from our library shelves. In LILI MARLEEN's 25 outside cabins, you will immediately sense the caring environment. The rich decor lets you feel special. Your cabin is a comfortable sitting room by day and a cozy bedroom at night. Dial a call to the cabin next door or to just about anywhere else in the world. Enjoy generous storage space for your belongings. Notice the light regulators that let you set the right mood. In the marble bathroom you will find well-designed fittings that give just a hint of luxury. Cabins are air-conditioned and boast thick wall to wall carpeting, hairdryer, radio and bathrobes for your comfort and convenience. Revel in life upon the high seas. You are a guest aboard the LILI MARLEEN.

Let the Wind set your Course

There is no better way to partake of the majesty and might of the sea. You entrust yourself to the elements. Marvel at the grandeur of an incomparable sight as 13.000 square feet of sail fill out in the wind. The barquentine rigging glimmers in the sunlight as LILI MARLEEN glides along at 12 knots. Your mind begins to clear in the light wind and suddenly new dreams seem within grasp. Such is the power of the sail. The bounty of the open seas is yours for the asking aboard LILI MARLEN. This superb sailing yacht can stir your emotions like nothing else. And, all the while, you know that you are in capable hands. Your intimate sailing vessel has been attentively prepared for your creature comforts while your experienced Captain and crew are at the ready to make your sailing experience truly unforgettable. While at sea, observe the bustle of lifting the sails. Or decide to just sit back and savor the entire spectacle. Sunbathe while under full sail. Take a view from the crow's nest when conditions allow. Search for dolphins, whales and even turtles that have been known to accompany the ship. Breathe in the fresh air as the wind fills the sails. You will be tempted to let your thoughts wander ahead to the next port of call. But there will be plenty of time for that; for now, just enjoy the open sea. Relax with newly made friends and, with drink in hand, toast the salt laden breezes. Let the wind set your course.

Sailing Ships  

A Windjammer Barefoot Cruise combines the adventure and romance of traditional Tall Ship sailing with a contemporary, yet unrestricted sailing environment. With passenger capacities ranging from 64 to 128, the ships provide a personal and friendly cruise vacation experience. Each Windjammer Tall Ship boasts a distinctive and unique nautical heritage. Prior to joining the Windjammer Fleet, the ships were once owned by some of the world's most legendary financial moguls, transported members of European royalty, and were commissioned in the service of government bodies for oceanographic and meteorological research. Now restored to their original grandeur, passengers can enjoy an authentic sailing experience with all the modern amenities. 

Sea Cloud

Among the hundreds of passenger vessels sailing the world`s seas, the Sea Cloud stands out for romantic adventure. The ship is a four-masted sailing bark built in the 1930s by E.F. Hutton as a wedding gift for his bride, Marjorie Merriweather Post. Completely restored to its original elegance, it now sails the Caribbean in winter and the Mediterranean in summer offering enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the ambiance that once entertained the Franklin D. Roosevelts, the Winston Churchills, the Duke and Duchess of York and numerous other royals and moguls. With its handcrafted interiors, antique furnishings and marble appointments, the ship strikes one as being more like a palatial home on the water than a traditional windjammer. The wood-paneled lounge has a six-armed chandelier, wall sconces crowned by eagles, comfortable banquettes, a bar and well-stocked bookcases. Next to the grand piano, a mahogany-railed spiral staircase leads down to the eight original cabins, where the facilities and decor are nothing short of breathtaking. Mrs. Post`s cabin, all gold and white, has a Carrara marble fireplace, etched mirrors, Louis Phillipe chairs and a magnificent half-canopy French bed. Mr. Hutton`s cabin is done in dark polished wood with hand-carved mahogany leaves draped over a marble fireplace, red velvet wing chairs and the original secretary with its etched glass doors. The closets are huge, and the bathrooms are elegant as well as enormous with marble tubs and showers and gold faucets. The other original staterooms are a bit smaller but equally splendid with antique furniture, porcelain accessories and bronze mantle clocks. There is a charming twin-bedded cabin done in cherry where Mrs. Post`s daughter, Dina Merrill, spent much of her youth. All cabins have tubs and showers except #8, which has no tub. The flower-filled halls have handsome Regency furniture and the Huttons` original Minton china is in display cases.
Twenty-nine new cabins have been added to the ship, and while not as luxurious nor as spacious as the original staterooms, they are very comfortable. All have marble baths, good closet space and picture windows. Included among them are four single accommodations.
Meals, which are taken in the impressive oak-paneled dining room, are open seating. There is a weekly barbecue on the Lido Deck, and a large buffet lunch is served on deck daily. The set dinner menu is posted so that guests may request substitutions as desired. Food quality is excellent, and the kitchen staff will go to great lengths to accommodate special requests. Complimentary wines are served at lunch and dinner. Food service also includes afternoon tea and a midnight snack.
During the day, guests can attend concerts, lectures and yoga classes; in the evening there is piano bar entertainment. While anchored in port, guests swim, snorkel, water ski and scuba dive. Dress is elegantly casual, although the welcome dinner and the captain`s farewell dinner are dressier affairs. 

The Wind Surf

ABOARD THE WIND SURF -- As the Wind Surf pulled out of the port of Bequia, in the Grenadines, on a Southern Caribbean crossing this month, it breezed past the majestic sailing ship Royal Clipper, anchored off shore. Unfurling its white sails in a half salute/half boast, the Wind Surf flirted through the waters separating the two vessels, its proud sails winking for attention.

These days the Wind Surf has a bit more reason to be boastful, thanks to a major refit completed last December that included lowering its capacity from 312 passengers to 308, adding a new business center and Internet cafe, completely remodeling its main lounge and casino and redesigning dining venues. The ship, built in 1990 as the Club Med I, was acquired in 1998 by Windstar.

The changes are no more apparent then in the Wind Surf lounge, where on this recent sail, passengers sat at a teak bar ordering the cocktail of the day or lounging on chairs and pillowed couches that line the outer wall. The lounge and adjacent casino have incorporated a new floor plan, with all new fabrics and carpeting in a color scheme of red, yellow, tan and blue. Carpets pick up a nautical pattern repeated on the bar itself, which is lined with tan leather stools.

The dance floor and stage have been relocated, and a skylight removed. At midday, the lounge is flooded with light. While many passengers applauded the look of the lounge, several commented at the temperature being kept too cool. This is true of most of the ship's indoor areas, including the three dining venues.

Small wooden tables with glass tops sit among armed chairs, and all seats have a clear sight line to the stage. The casino has added more gaming tables and slots, and a half wall of glass separates it from the lounge.

On this January cruise, the performing group "Rain" didn't draw very many listeners each night in this Wind Surf lounge. Most nights, just a handful of passengers sat listening to the group perform standard pop tunes. Several passengers on board said they ended their evenings early, renting a movie or CD in the nearby library (all cabins have VCR's and CD players) or taking a quiet walk on deck after a few hands of Black Jack.

And this is just how they seem to like it aboard this ship and the other 148-passenger Wind Star vessels--the Wind Song, Wind Spirit and Wind Star. Some 150 of the passengers aboard this 308-passenger cruise, which sailed the Southern Caribbean from Barbados making port calls at Tobago, Bequia, Martinique, St. Lucia, and Mayreau in the Grenadines, had sailed with the line previously. A dozen said they had also sailed on other lines, but had come to love the quiet, relaxed and casual pace of the smaller Wind Star vessels.

"There's not a lot to do on the ship, and we knew that," said a passenger from New York, who said she previously had sailed on the Wind Song, as well as traveled all over the world. "At certain points you want to take certain kinds of trips." On this one, she said the ports were interesting, but not filled with activities. The ship itself had no organized activities save for a few art auctions and a gaming lesson the first day at sea.

Connecting Across The Sea

The Wind Surf has also put together a brand new business center, with a meeting room and an Internet Cafe located on the Bridge Deck that houses eight Internet terminals and another separate computer and printer. Passengers can set up their own e-mail address while onboard, with a 75 cents per minute usage charge. Video mail is also available, costing $4.95 to send. Several passengers were seen using the service throughout their voyage.

"I don't know what I did before e-mail," said Wind Surf Captain, Richard Bridge, who finds himself chatting it up frequently via e-mail. "It's a great service for the guest."

The Internet Cafe, with blue carpets, and separate console spaces for each station, is separated by a wall from a small meeting room with a podium, and is open 24 hours.

Seniority Sailing

An older demographic dominated this cruise, as it does most of Wind Surf's cruises at this time of year, according to Wind Surf hotel manager Francois Birarda.

"It really depends on what time of year, because we do get younger passenger at other times," he said.

According to Tom Russell, vice president marketing and sales for Wind Star, while the average age of the line's passengers is 51, it probably skews a bit older on itineraries that include a high level of repeat guests as well as in January and February. On this particular cruise, passengers rated the overall experience at an 8.83 out of 9 in comment cards they filled out at the end of the voyage.

The ship seemed perfect for these older passengers, however. One man in his 80's who had sailed on 14 different cruises on various lines, said he has come to appreciate the smaller ships, including those of Wind Star, citing the ease of getting around the ship as well as the individualized nature of the dining, where one could get special requests fulfilled much more easily. "I like small portions, and we can ask for that and they can do that," he said, "but forget about trying to ask for anything special when there are 1,400 passengers. You can't even get a waiter's attention."

One change that passengers who have trouble getting around may appreciate aboard the Wind Surf is the relocation of the gangway to Deck 2, a lower level which has shortened the ramp and decreased the pitch angle, making it easier to disembark/embark. The new gangway platform measures 4.8 meters compared to 7.5 previously. This relocation took away two staterooms from Deck 2, thus lowering the vessel's passenger capacity.

Dining Design

Several culinary-related changes have also happened aboard the Wind Surf, including changes at its three dining venues: The Bistro, the Veranda and the Restaurant. The new look for the Bistro, which is located on the top Star Deck and open only for dinner, includes a design drawn from French and Italian bistros, with roman-style shades, marble light sconces and a color scheme of sage, pumpkin, tan and muted blues. A leaf motif on the carpet, and views from its large windows complete the new design. Capacity here has increased to 106 (from 88). Tables are arranged for groups of 2, 4 or 8 but can accommodate up to 10 with notice. Wines by the bottle vary from $25 to $200.

Passengers are asked to make reservations (no more than two per week) for this dining room. Joachim Splichal, executive chef of L.A's Patina Group, created 100 new recipes for Windstar, and the menu here is inspired by him. For instance, one evening the appetizers included escargot in garlic lemon butter, chilled artichokes with shrimp and tomato coulis or a fresh fruit salad, while entrees included panfried salmon on slivered potatoes and a horseradish nage and filet mignon with roasted shallot ravioli and a garlic red wine sauce. Desserts included an international cheese tray, cappuccino truffle with berry coulis and raspberry sorbet. Soups changed daily and a tossed or caesar salad was available at every meal. The other dinner venue onboard--the Restaurant--is on the main deck, and offers equally eclectic fare. Passengers can dine a la carte anytime between 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. Light menus and vegetarian dishes are also featured on the menus of both restaurants each night.

The Veranda, which is open for breakfast and lunch and features impressive floor-to-ceiling views through glass walls, has added a new outdoor barbecue grill. Inside capacity is 72, but guests can also sit outdoors. There are just a few tables, however, that are available in the shade outdoors.

Breakfast items were popular at the new grill, where two chefs prepared food made to order each morning from 7:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m. Choices changed daily, with options including omelets made to order with whatever ingredients were preferred, crepes with several choices of fruit fillings, french toast and pancakes. At lunchtime, the grill offered up, in addition to the standard hotdogs and hamburgers, different choices each day, including turkey burgers, sausages, tuna burgers and grilled chicken breast. A full buffet was featured inside the Veranda itself. A continental breakfast is available also until 11:00 a.m. at the Compass Rose Lounge.

Passengers should take note that aside from 24-hour cabin service, during the period between 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. and after 9:30 p.m. there are no venues serving food on board.

One popular feature of this cruise, judging by passenger reaction, is a barbecue prepared on the beach at Mayreau on the voyage's final port call. This lunch event, which drew applause from passengers when it was mentioned during the Captain's farewell address later that evening, featured barbecued lobster, steak, ribs, burgers, hot dogs, chicken and corn-on-the-cob cooked on the pristine beach of this 1.5-mile island.

The Wind Surf also offers a smaller Compass Rose Lounge, which serves afternoon tea with sweets and small sandwiches (cherries jubilee and crepes suzette were offered on two of the days) each day at 4:00 p.m., and live music during cocktail hours and after dinner.

Other ship amenities aboard the Wind Surf include all outside staterooms and suites, a broad wine selection, a Windspa with a wide selection of body treatments, salon services and fitness training, a fitness center and separate exercise room with scheduled stretch and aerobics classes each day and complimentary water gear and water sports accessible off the ship's back deck.

Peace & Quiet

The highlight of Windstar cruises, said passengers aboard the Wind Surf, is when the engines shut down and the sails suddenly appear, whipping and crackling against the blushing end-of-day sky. This is the only time the ship feels as if it's carrying 300 passengers, all drawn to the upper decks to relish a daily phenomenon so overlooked back home. Only when the sun slips under rolling waves, does it signal their departure back to cabins and indoor lounges.

The Wind Surf sails the alternating Northern and Southern Caribbean sailings through April 1, when it repositions to the Mediterranean and starts cruises of France and Italy beginning April 28. Current rates on this cruise range from $2,103-$2,482 (which is a 2 fo 1 discount rate through its ASAP program). A current promotion at presstime featured free airfare from several U.S. cities included in this rate. According to the company, there are cabins remaining for the Caribbean itineraries of the Wind Surf for the weeks of February 11, 18 and 25 and March 11, 18 and 25.

The Royal Clipper 

Introducing The Royal Clipper... The World’s Largest True Sailing Ship



The Royal Clipper, the world's largest sailing ship is the first five masted sailing ship to be built in nearly 100 years and the first since the German five-master Preussen, on which the new ship is modeled. Her masts tower to 58.5 meters. She will carry 228 passengers, have a crew of 106 and fly 5.200 square meters of canvas on 42 sails. There are 1.950 square meters of deck space offering each passenger 8.50 square meters for sunbathing and three pools for swimming.




• 5 Masts, Height 197 ft.
• Fitness Center and Spa
• Length: 439 ft., Beam: 54 ft.
• Sunlight Filled 3-Story Atrium
• 42 Sails, 56,000 sq. ft. of Sail
• 3-Level Dining Room, One Sitting
• 19,375 sq. ft. of Open Teak Deck
• Observation Lounge Overlooking Bow
• 3 Swimming Pools
• Only 228 Guests, Crew of 105
• Water Sports Platform at Stern
• 114 cabins, Private Marble Baths, TV
• Crow’s Nest Lookout Platforms
• Launches for Secluded Beach Landings
• 14 Deluxe Suites With Private Veranda
• Underwater Viewing Lounge
• Two Ultra-Deluxe Owner’s Suites
• Rich Nautical Heritage

This five masted full rigged ship represents an amazing event in the history of the full rigged sailing ship. Inspired by the mighty Preussen, the Royal Clipper is only the second five masted fully rigged ship ever to be built. The Preussen , built in 1902, primarily to carry nitrate from the southern hemisphere, represented the ultimate evolution of sailing ship design. Royal Clipper, which sailed on her maiden voyage in the spring of 2000, is a working ship which will provide luxury cruising mainly in the northern hemisphere. With three swimming pools on deck, accommodation for 228 passengers, each state room equipped with marble bathrooms, satellite phones and climate controls.

Owned by Mikael Krafft, she was built at a cost of UK£50 million at Rotterdam. The Royal Clipper is capable of traveling faster than 20 knots in a good wind. Her crew compliment is 106, she has 42 sails covering 56,000 square feet of canvas. Her length is 430 feet, the tallest of her five masts is 197 feet above the water line.

The legendary Preussen dominated the seas, only to be gone in a few short years. Neither before nor since has the world seen such a magnificent sailing ship. Until today…

Inspired by the legendary Tall Ship, Preussen, the new Royal Clipper has the proud distinction of being the largest and only five-masted sailing ship built since her predecessor was launched at the beginning of the last century. With her complement of 42 sails, Royal Clipper is a splendid sight to behold. You might think she was an apparition from the grand age of sail, but Royal Clipper is as new as tomorrow. She boasts state-of-the-art navigation systems and all the comforts of today. For connoisseurs of sail cruising, the 439 foot Royal Clipper offers the ultimate sea-going experience, balancing the grandeur, adventure and tradition of sailing with the superb service, amenities and accommodations of the finest modern yachts. Royal Clipper carries just 227 guests in luxurious style.

A full 18,940 square feet of open deck and three swimming pools create a wonderfully spacious and expansive outdoor environment. Find your secret hideaway on one of the hidden balconies on either side of the bow.

Climb the mast (with safety harness provided) to one of the passenger look-out ‘crow’s-nests’, thoughtfully furnished with comfortable settee, where you’ll have the grandest view of all! Royal Clipper’s interior spaces are just as dazzling. They include a 3-deck atrium that funnels sunlight into the elegantly-appointed dining room, where you'll enjoy deliciously prepared cuisine and a no-tie dress code.

A convenient marina platform lowers from the stern for watersports and diving. The ultimate unique Royal Clipper experience, the one-of-a-kind Captain Nemo Lounge, is the site of our spa and health club, which features underwater glass portholes!

This ship sails. There is the "motion of the ocean. "You may wish you were back at the Ritz." Bring your SeaBands. 

It compares to no other ship at sea - the Royal Clipper sails. While the sails are lowered and raised with power aids, they are set and "trimmed" by the Captain and his crew for maximum efficiency. And in size and material, this is closest to what were true sailing ships of the 19th century - the way people and goods moved between the hemispheres. A Star Clipper cruise is special. 

Fall and Winter Caribbean Sailings From Barbados Starting from $1300.00, including port charges.

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