Dear Kristina: Thanks so much for the postcard – and yes, I did win my age/weight division.  I am now a world champion!  It was a real rush, believe me; and I stood on a podium with the national anthem being played while I wore my USA singlet.  Just an amazing feeling!  I was even asked for my autograph (more than once!).  

The accommodations that you arranged were more than acceptable.  You did a fabulous job with the hotels and car – not a glitch at all.  The Novotel in Poland ended up costing a whole $41.00.  Poland is awfully cheap and a rather poor country.  I think my salmon dinner was about $6.00.

I loved Milan and used all of the public transportation methods and saw the main sights and did a lot of shopping.  Stayed in a small hotel called the Hotel London.  It was located just wonderfully well, a half block off the Via Dante; but I wished I had booked something a little more luxe.  Rooms were adequate but small; and even though I had a room on the front, the light was dim.  Being as I was completely jet-lagged the whole time, though, it was sufficient.  Next time I’ll have you book that part, too.

Re: flights.  I actually went online and paid for aisle seats on all flights.  It was well worth the $30/seat, as I would NOT have wanted to be in the middle of a 4-person row.  I was actually pretty comfortable, and the time passed easily.

Thanks for all of your help.  I will definitely call you again!  Pat Hackett

PS. At age 60 Patricia Hackett decided to take up a new sport: Competitive Olympic Weightlifting and compete in the master’s division. After just a year into it, Pat won gold in the 2010 US Masters weightlifting event in her age class (60-64 year-olds) at the 2010 USA Weightlifting National Masters Championship (WOMEN) in Rego Park, NY April 9-11. She went on to win GOLD for USA in the World Master’s Competition in Ciechanow, Poland on September 17-18, 2010. Congratulations Pat! All of USA should be as proud as I feel. You are amazing. Kristina 

Comments from my group to East Africa
escorted from July 17-Aug 1st, 2009

1.      Kristina is top notch. We’d follow her anywhere, any time. The guides respect her and work with her; she’s extremely accommodating. She made our trip spectacular! She pays attention to detail and exhibits fast & unbelievable pressure at the “back tires”. We love her! She was a true trip plus (as our escort), extremely knowledgeable, informative, easy to hang with, responsible, generous and now – one of the family!

2.      It would be close to impossible to make this trip any better. Kristina did an incredible job. Thank you and Tom too, so much for joining us.

3.      I don’t think she could have made it any better. This was our trip to Africa; we saw a lot and we did a lot! It was excellent.

4.      I don’t know how you could’ve made it any better. From the very first contact with us ‘til the very last day of the trip, you lead each of us and fulfilled every need. We can’t thank you enough. The fact that you joined us was so great and we enjoyed both Kristina & Tom. Many Thanks. PS. What a lovely party the last night. So thoughtful of you. Many Thanks. Again! 

5.      She couldn’t have made it any better, in my opinion. This is a case of when Super Duper means just that – and she was! 

6.      The planning was great and every detail thought about. I can’t think of how it could have been done better. 

7.      I already have recommended Kristina to the stewardess on my NWA flight home plus to our neighbours. Both want to take their families on safari, a dream vacation! 

8.      Kristina is very knowledgeable about various places, people and wildlife in Tanzania and Kenya and she shows a genuine love and enthusiasm for both Africa and her job as a guide. 

9.      Kristina does a great job at setting everything up. I will recommend her to all my friends and family.

10.  Kristina was very thorough before and during our safari. She made our trip very comfortable. Kristina is very knowledgeable about the area and I can tell that she likes her work very much.

11.  Knowledge of Africa shows and also that you love what you do. Highly recommended.

12.  Kristina is very thorough and knowledgeable. 

13.  Kristina is really concerned as to your medications and what you want to see and do while on safari. She was on top of everything. She made every day a joy. 

14.  Very thorough in planning. Extremely good information. Kristina is very passionate about her work and this always produces an excellent product. She’s extremely knowledgeable, and she goes overboard to please everyone.  

·         The thoroughness and caring at WinWin Vacations is extremely efficient and well executed. Thank You also for a splendid "last evening". I'm in love with our destination memories of our trip with Kristina (and Tom). Kim 

·         Our African Safari was absolutely phenomenal. All aspects from lodging, food, daily safari schedules, our wonderful guides, the many and varied activities were all top notch. Kristina is extremely knowledgeable about Africa and all it has to offer. She handpicks the outstanding guides and therefore provides spectacular safari experiences. She therefore provides fantastic activities and related trips. She provided the trip of a lifetime for our family and we recommend her 100% for an outstanding safari to anyone. She's an outstanding woman! No-one can top her efforts, expertise and PERSONALITY! This was our third African safari and absolutely THE BEST because of Kristina. She is SUPERB! Asante Sana Kristina - We love you! Shelley

·         Thank you for everything; overall our safari was very nice. Kory

·         This was the most memorable trip of my life! I cannot think of anything that could have made it more enjoyable. The wildlife that we saw, the people that we met, and the experiences that were made will stay with me always. I look forward to the possibility of reliving this trip again some day because I am sure it would be first time experiences all over again ... Thank you so much, Katie

·         An incredible journey with every detail thought of and not a thing overlooked. So much more than I ever expected and very lucky to be with such an experienced guide, who knew just how to make our vacation perfect. We were lead through Africa by very experienced and skilled, wonderful guides thanks to Kristina's research and previous experiences. The best trip and the journey of a lifetime. Hopefully replicated, but never duplicated, Kristen

·         Kristina did a wonderful job before, during and after the trip. We had lots of inquires beforehand. Having you (and Tom), who added a lot, on our safari made everything go smoothly. You know so much and so many people and all the accommodations. I thank you for your knowledge in planning the perfect safari for all of us. Carol

·         I came home from Africa this time with a heart full of joy. Seeing all that I did with my five grandchildren made this safari the very best. For thirty years, I had hoped to be able to take them with me to see the wonders of a safari and I finally made it. All five loved it as much as I always have. Kristina, I thank you for making all this possible. You are truly a fulfiller of dreams.

·         Each day was well planned and we had a favorite pack - animals, people, customs, countryside, and marvelous drivers and guides. Keep doing what you're doing! You are the best! Mimi

·         Kristina, the DVDs arrived today with your note.  Our daughter is visiting and we will be having a premier showing later this afternoon.  Nancy and I want you and Tom to know how much we appreciated your attention to detail to insure we all had the trip of our lifetime.  Please stay in touch and we wish you and Tom all the best of what life has to offer. Kim and Nancy

·         Jambo Kristina and Tom, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the 2 DVD's and the Maasai necklace.  We just finished watching the DVD's and they ARE GREAT!!!  What a wonderful souvenir of our trip.  Thank you again.  It is a treasure.  Carol and Bruce

·         Dear Kristina, thanks so much for sending out those DVD's.  We know that we will love them. The trip was fantastic and we know that everyone had a ball.  You and Tom were the best and thankfully, you fit right in.  You never know who or what you are getting with an escort and partner and we got the BEST of both.  We love you guys and thanks for an unforgettable trip. Come visit us and let us know about your next trip to Africa otherwise, we will do it again in 2 years. Hakuna Matata!!!! Love, Safari Shell and Ranger Reg

·         Everyone has been thrilled with my stories of our safari. Most cannot even begin to fathom how great it was. Such a wonderful trip and so many great memories with my kids. Can't thank you enough for making it all so grand!  Just one big thank you can't even do it as the trip was so wonderful. We all have been raving about it since returning, and, most of us wish we were right back in the thick of it all.  I shall always consider this my very best as I had my kids with me and they loved it so and were most appreciative of it all. It had been my dream for thirty years and it did come true. You and Tom made everything so easy. So glad you stuck him in your suitcase. We sure had a great time with you both. Thanks again for all your efforts and making our safari so wonderful. My young friends were excited to hear about the wonders of Africa and are looking forward to doing it someday. Mimi 

·         Dear Kristina, Even though I spoke to you yesterday I just had to enclose this note to tell you I played both DVD's twice. They were terrific! Loved seeing those warthogs running down the road. I remember thinking "when are those dummies going to get over?" I almost went into a trance watching the kill. Couldn't believe we had seen such a sight. And the leopard in the tree!  It was all so fantastic and you made every moment so worthwhile. I could go on forever, but I think you get what I mean. Winning a million dollar jackpot could never equal this trip. Taking my grandkids was A Dream Come True. Asante Sana, Mimi 

·         Carol and I want to thank you for such a wonderful trip to Africa; you really made it happen every day! Other than jetlag, we're safe at home and catching up on many chores. We hope our paths will cross again for another great trip sometime in the future. Best Regards, Bruce

·         Dear Kristina, we hope you made it home safely. Thank you for the wonderful trip. Many memories will be cherished for a long time. It took a few days to get back to our schedule, but we're getting there. Thank you for the birthday party. I didn't expect - hoping no one would notice! Thank you again, fondly, Carol 

·         Dear Kristina, It doesn't seem possible that we have been back for almost two weeks already. Don't know where the days have gone but it surely didn't take long to get back in the swing of life here at home. Received your email from Mt. Meru Game Lodge and your wonderful Thank You card with the group picture at sunset on the sundowner deck at Migration Camp and with the kids' picture inside at the Lake Manyara Serena pool.  

·         How wonderful to be so talented and to be able to produce such gorgeous photos and professional cards. It was great and of course brought back such warm memories of our terrific trip. Can't tell you how wonderful it was to have you and Tom join our group. You are both so gifted in your fields and it was a pleasure to be able to know you better. You added so much to the safari and we shall always treasure warm memories of you. We can't believe all we did, saw and experienced. It was truly a trip of a lifetime. We also thank you so much for the farewell party. It was so lovely and certainly one of the highlights of the trip - can see the twinkling lights now. What a wonderful way to end a perfect trip. We wish you well. You are certainly a great safari expert and planner. Very fondly, Nancy & Kim

·         I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience you brought to our entire family. I never truly could understand the way people (Mimi in particular) felt about Africa until I too experienced it. It is the most incredible and beautiful place in the world and somewhat of a life-changing atmosphere. I surely have been bit by the "African Bug" and cannot wait to return. Knowing how special the trip was for Mimi made it all the more wonderful. Hopefully, in two years, I'll be able to join you again!! Thank you again, it was truly remarkable. Kristen

·         Dear Kristina, Many thanks by sending me further updates of Tom's Picasa Web Albums. Yesterday, at night, I sat down at 11.00 pm to brows the photos of your TZ safari. I was up till 1.30 am looking at all those fantastic photos. What a safari you guys head? The big five, the kill, giant crocks, all kinds of birds, and Birth Days. I think next time you guys come, I will have to try to make an excuse of joining your group. You had a wonderful safari because you are a good captain and a good planner. All our driver guides were talking very highly about you. I have had a short report of your safari from Robert, Haji & Milinga. Cordially ABBA Moledina, Owner of Ranger Safaris in Arusha Tanzania 

Tom's Picassa web sites: click here for  Album 1 and click here for Album 2

·         Jambo Kristina, Greetings from dusty and cool Arusha.  The guides had really a great time with you and the clients and their time with this group remains on their minds.  Please find the attached report. Have a great day and we look forward to being of service to you and your clients again, Kind regards, Evans

·         This report has been prepared by all the 3 of us namely Robert, Millinga and Haji.  This group consisted of 14 passengers including 2 Trip Organizers as well as escorts namely Kristina & Tom.  The group arrived in Tanzania on 17th July 2009 but we did not meet the clients until morning of 19th July 2009 when they flew from Arusha to Serengeti on Regional Air Scheduled flight.  We missed out on the group's arrival and their excursion to Arusha National Park as this was done by other guides.   We had traveled to Serengeti for overnight before heading off to Kirawira to meet the group.  The safari was really fantastic; our game drives in West Serengeti were full of excitement.  We saw big crocodiles, lions, lots of wildebeests etc.  Besides that we explored Serengeti Central and North where we saw big five plus a few kills.  Kristina was a very fantastic Escort.  We always planned together a day in advance what we were going to do the next day.  This made our work easier and more enjoyable.  We had a great teamwork.  We worked very hard to ensure that the group had an  unforgettable safari.  Kristina was full of enthusiasm and she made the safari even more fun.  She distributed literature on the big five, small five and the green five.  We learned a lot from her.  We dispersed our skills and knowledge and we found that the whole group had a very good interaction with us.  They were very pro-active which truly added a fantastic experience to all of us.  We were sorry to see the group depart on their last day and we will remember them for along time.  We look forward to working with Kristina again in the near future as her leadership was exceptional.  Yours faithfully, Robert, Millinga and Haji 

·         Dear Abba Moledina, This last trip to Africa with Kristina and my family was the very best I could imagine. Both she and Tom were more than we ever expected and we bonded with them at once. They gave 100% of themselves and we so appreciated it. And your boys, Robert, Malinga and Fudgie, as I called him, were superb, They showed us so much concern, Each was a textbook of knowledge and took an interest in whatever needs we might have. You and your company can be so very proud of them. We thought of them as family and were saddened the day we left them behind, Treat them well because they are a blessing to your company.   Hopefully I can once again return to your lovely Tanzania. It is so beautiful and so very welcoming, Sincerely sent, Mimi

·         Dear Mimi, Many thanks for having taken time to write to me of your wonderful Safari experience with Ranger Safaris. First of all the biggest bonus you had was that you were travelling with Kristina & Tom. They have been in this part of the world so many times that I don't know the proper count. Kristina also is fussy regarding the Driver Guides she has. So you can be rest assured that they are the best and very organized. We at Ranger Safaris are also blessed with a very good team of Guides. We certainly are very proud of their performance. We look forward to have you back in near future. Please keep in touch with Kristina as she often plans the trips with us. Right now she is busy supporting our Rotary Club with our Polio Fund Raiser. Best wishes, ABBA

·         Mr. Moledina, I was a member of Kristina Trowbridge's most recent safari trip to Tanzania and Kenya (July 19- Aug 2). I just wanted to email you and compliment you on the extraordinary service our guides, Millinga, Haji, and Robert provided for us. It was my first (and certainly not last!) trip to Africa and I was blown away by the beauty and personalities of the countries. The landscapes and animals speak for themselves and do a wonderful job of making people fall in love with East Africa. Additionally, to have such knowledgeable and extremely friendly guides made the trip unforgettable. The three guides were extremely patient with what was, at times, a very rowdy group. They seemed to know exactly where to take us to see everything there was to see (and I truly mean everything). I never imagined to learn so much on a vacation and then to be able to remember it all! Millinga, Haji, and Robert had such great attitudes and chemistry between them and all got along so wonderfully with our entire group, and made my trip unforgettable! I was thoroughly pleased with the services your guides and company provided us with on our journey and will be pleased to recommend your company to others and hopefully be back on safari with you all soon! Thank you, Kristen Floersheimer

·         Dear Kristen, Many thanks for your wonderful comments about your safari to Tanzania. We are very glad to hear about your exciting adventure and learning experience with our Guides. Ranger Safari has a very good team of well qualified guides of which we are very proud. We also have a constant in house teaching seminars and lectures for our guides to refresh and update many things. Besides we also owe thanks to Kristina Trowbridge for having planned a detaiedl itinerary and she follows up every detail very professionally. I am sure you will be a good ambassador in promoting her tour company with RS. We look forward to having you back soon and trust us, every safari is a different experience. Kind regards, Abba. Moledina.

Kristina’s comment: I also received several phone calls with loads of praise and gratitude! Everyone is so happy. That is my reward and I want to share with everyone who made it possible for me to accomplish it all. Asante Sana …. Kabisa!!!

Kristina Trowbridge, who has a love for and a first hand knowledge of Kenya and its indigenous people, the incredible Maasai, escorted our group on a journey of a life time. Her thoroughness made connections smooth and timely while giving every care and consideration to us as individuals. 

She knows the accommodation operators on a personal basis who then gave us 110% service and at different times lunch, dinner or cocktails with appetizers at safari locations as surprises.  Through Kristina we witnessed the heart and spirit of Kenya -- its wildlife and people.  I'll never forget witnessing the three Cheetah brother's taking a zebra -- wow!!

Your thoroughness in handling the accommodations and safari guides -- the Maasai people were essential to finding the game, in my view. It was a big plus that you knew these people and there was a bond of trust. You knew the territory well enough to send us by small plane--kudos. You enjoyed the experience with the enthusiasm of a first timer. You seemed to appreciate the trip as much as we did--in other words you were not a burned out tour guide. Linda T

Kristina you look after every detail of an adventure.  You know what you want your travelers to have and they get it.  I have traveled, a lot, but I never had every "T" crossed and "I" dotted.  All of the goodies you sent to us to get us acquainted and the trouble you went through for every, and I do mean every thing we did was very appreciated by me. Norma 

Kristina had everything under control.  No real glitches.  The trip was very well planned and the activities were varied enough to make the trip very interesting. Jan

This was my first trip to Africa and it far exceeded my expectations. And I had high expectations! Kristina obviously knows Africa, the people and the wildlife. She has travelled to Africa many times both as a tour leader and to educate herself as a travel agent. Because of this we had the best guides and drivers and incredible game-drives. I loved Kristina’s enthusiasm and her knowledge of Kenya and the way she made sure we all had a great time. This was a well planned trip with good variety of activities. I definitely recommend that you call Kristina if you’re interested in Africa as well as other destinations. Phyllis  

Kristina is so thorough in her planning that everything goes smoothly.  She has vast knowledge of the resorts and personnel and the birds and other animals.  She is a walking book of information and it is a joy to be traveling with her. Kristina is so knowledgeable and she is willing to do more research to look into other alternatives. I really appreciate that, Linda P

Dear Kristina,

Thank you so much for all your help with the cruise that Patty and I recently took to Alaska! We had a wonderful time -- the ship was lovely, the crew was outstanding, the food excellent, and there were lots of activities and entertainment. Our cabin was delightful -- the veranda was wonderful and we enjoyed it every day (especially in Glacier Bay).  I'm sold on Holland-America!   I have some great photos of the adventure and many fond memories.  You were so  thoughtful to have a bottle of champagne waiting in our cabin!   I'll look forward to cruising again.  

With appreciation, Frances 

Kristina, thank you.  You were awesome.  The trip was more then I expected. We felt more like we were part of Africa rather then a tourist.  The tents were amazing.  I watched "Out of Africa" and it was just like the movie.  The other families were great and it was a good idea that we did the family thing as there were other kids around.  I am a busy person and truly appreciated how you kept us on track in getting ready for the trip.  I will definitely contact you for future trips. 


Hi Kristina, We have had a wonderful time. Our guide Paul Feeham is terrific. We took a city tour in Dublin and stopped at Guinness and C had a pint we raised in your honor.

Best, Creighton & Lois

Hi Kristina, I enjoy reading your newsletters and always look forward to the next one.  You are a very dedicated agent and your newsletters say a lot about the type of person you are.  I'm sure an adventure to the 'unknown' with you as a guide would be a very worthwhile experience and someday I may be able to take advantage of it if not at present.  Thanks very much, Kristina, for keeping me informed. Best to you on your wonderful trips around the world! 

– Ginger

Dear Kristina,

We had a wonderful trip! Truly exceptional! - Both the Kapawi ecolodge as well as The Galapagos. Thanks so much for the champagne on the boat, as well as your help in putting together this exceptional vacation for us. 

Thanks again. Karen

Dear Kristina, 

We cannot thank you enough for your assistance with our wonderful trip to Alaska. Cruise West was definitely the right choice for the Inside Passage. Every time we came across one of those floating cities - the gigantic cruise ships - we thanked our lucky stars that we were on a much smaller vessel, with fewer than 60 passengers. Everything went well, almost as if there was a conspiracy. Even the weather, even in usually rain-soaked Ketchikan, was outstanding. As you can see from the list we are enclosing, there was no shortage of wildlife along the way. And imagine our surprise as we boarded the Spirit of Alaska in Juneau to discover that our cabin had been upgraded by Cruise West, and inside on a bed were two bottles of wine and a $50 shipboard credit compliments of none other than our travel agent. That's you Kristina, and that set just the right tone for the next 11 days. We also liked our funky accommodations at the Silver Bow Inn in Juneau prior to boarding ship. So thanks again for a truly memorable vacation. Sincerely yours,  Sandy  & Chuck Aweeka

Wildlife Sightings
September 4-14, 2005

Day One - Juneau 
  • Bald Eagles - Mature & Immature
  • Ravens
  • Marbled Murrelets
  • Glaucous-winged gulls
  • Black-legged Kittiwakes

Day Two - Skagway/Haines

  • Glaucous-winged Gulls
  • Black-legged Kittiwakes
  • Lots of Tourists!
  • 30-40 Bald Eagles - Mature & 
  • Immature

Day Three - Glacier Bay National Park

  • Tufted & Homed Puffins
  • Common Murres
  • Steller's Sea Lions
  • Black Bear!
  • Brown Bear! (eating pink salmon)
  • Glaucous-winged Gulls
  • Black-legged Kittiwakes
  • Black Oystereatcher
  • Harbor Seals
  • Ravens
  • Bald Eagles
  • Mountain Goats
  • Common Mergansers
  • Pelagic Cormorants
  • Surf Scoters
  • Murrelets
  • Pigeon Guillemots
  • Humpback Whales
  • Minke Whale

Day Four - Peril Straits/ Sitka

  • Steller's Sea Lions
  • Pelagic Cormorants
  • Boneparte Gulls
  • Black-legged Kittiwake
  • Bald Eagles
  • Humpback Whales
  • Glaucous-winged Gulls

Day Five - Tracy Arm/Brothers Islands

  • Harbor Seals
  • Orcas
  • Humpbacks
  • Glaucous -winged Gulls
  • Black-legged Kittiwakes
  • Bald Eagles
  • Common Mergansers
  • Surf Scoters
  • Mountain Goats
  • Calving!
  • Pigeon Guillemots
  • Steller's Sea Lions
  • Waterfalls!
  • Bald Eagles
  • Pink Salmon
  • Common Loons
  • Harbor Seals
  • Black-legged Kittiwakes
  • Glaucous-winged gulls
  • Blue Heron
  • Steller's Sea Lions
  • Pelagic Cormorants

Day Seven - Ketchikan/Misty Fjords

  • Black Bear
  • Bald Eagles - Extremely Numerous
  • Northwestem Crow
  • Black-legged Kittiwakes
  • Glaucous-winged gulls
  • Mew gulls
  • Marbled Murrelets
  • Dail's Porpoise

Day Eight - Cruising North BC

  • Belted King Fischer
  • Humpback Whales
  • Bald Eagles
  • Steller's Sea Lions
  • Harbour Seals
  • Pink Salmon
  • Blue Heeler
  • Bull Kelp
  • Black Turnstone& Sandpipers
  • Surf Scoters
  • Pigeon Guillemots
  • Harbor Porpoise

Day Nine - South BC

  • Humpbacks
  • Harbor Seals
  • Floating tree Stumps ('Forkas')
  • Bald Eagles
  • Orcas
  • Sunshine!
  • 'Bear'/Drag queen (Timothy Treadwell skit) 

Day Ten Friday Harbor/Sucia Island

  • Ravens
  • Crows
  • Glaucous-winged gulls
  • Alpacas
  • Red Squirrel
  • Common Loon

Hi Kristina,

I have to be honest with you - you are a real stand-out in the world of travel agents. And it's a pleasure to work with an agent who really cares and is dedicated to giving her clients to right information!  Based on my past experience, I'd say you're one in a million.

Thanks, Ina Steinhilber
Tanzania Safari and Kilimanjaro Specialist
Thomson Safaris

Hi Kristina. We arrived home today from our Alaska adventure. We had a great time. Holland America was great. I think that on any future HAL cruises, we will try to have all of our dinners at the Pinnacle Grill. It was outstanding. Might even be one of the best meals we have ever had anywhere. Thanks for the gift of this special meal for all of us. 

There were a few long days on the land tour part of the trip but that was expected. The sights were fantastic. Darlene had a great time and loved the trip. Didn't see much wildlife but the views were special. Our trip to Hallo Bay wilderness camp was excellent. We saw lots of bears every day up close, like the closest was maybe 10 yards. Got 1,000 plus photos to review.

It was a great place to go.

Now we start thinking about next year. Wish it wasn't so expensive to go to the Antarctic. We could go on a number of other trips for the price of one down there. Talk to you later. Thanks for everything.

John Dykes

We want to thank you for arranging the most delightful, beautiful, educational and wonderful trip of our lives.  There is no way to explain the feelings of hope and pride the people of South Africa expressed in the face of such severe poverty while in they live in the midst of great wealth and richness.  The beauty of the land, the ocean beaches and the sky - unparallel! We wanted to stay for a couple of more months!!

Frank sang your praises across South Africa - he loved every minute of it, except when we ran into an elephant in musk that was very unhappy that we were there in Tembe Elephant Park.  We have magnificent photos to share with friends and family and will recommend you to all that want to go. 

Thank you so very much. Frank and Jackie

Kristina is amazing. She always gets us where we're going and manages to organize everything from hotel reservations to rental reservations.  All of our trips have been incredibly smooth because of this. We've had to email Kristina from our vacation because we've misplaced itineraries and she always saves the day! ... and did I mention the time she saved the day by having the ticket numbers available(a couple of months after the fact), so that my daughter could get credit on her frequent flyer program? I could go on and on with testimonials! Kristina, You rock!


We always appreciate your help and look forward to new adventures in the future.

Gracias Corinne

Dear Kristina, We'd like to thank you for the great trip we had on the Spirit of Endeavor.  It was a fun crew and scenery that we South Texans could hardly believe.

Sincerely, the Marmions

Hi Kristina

Kristina was very helpful in filling me in on what to expect, wear, points of interest on a recent cruise she booked for me to Alaska on Norwegan Cruise Lines. She also came by my home with a book on Alaska so I have some background on what to see on our stops on the Cruise.

Sylvia Vikingstad

Kristina, you are thorough and accommodating, as well as very efficient and pleasant to boot! 

Linda Gould

I am happy to state a few facts and characteristics that make a travel agent a professional. Kristina exemplifies the best in assisting travelers to enjoyable, educational, and satisfying world travel. She has prepared herself for this professional task by carefully and conscientiously educating herself in all aspects of the travel industry. She is a world traveler herself, learning as much as possible about the countries and destinations she recommends, to give accurate information and to provide exciting vistas for consideration by her clients.

In addition, I believe she has no equal in the attention she pays to all details of the travel experience. Our travel has been a complete pleasure because of her superior advance planning and personal attention given to our needs. I recommend her highly for making your travel plans come true.  


This is perfect! Thank you!  


Kristina, I absolutely loved Barbados. Actually, it reminded me a lot of little towns in Africa in some of the more tropical places. I love the third-worldliness of that little island. I didn't take my good camera equipment so (of course) was disappointed with the pictures. I did see the monkeys and got a love bite from a baby. (I know better.) Fortunately, it didn't break the skin!

Love the Casuarina -- very family-oriented and a wonderful list of things to do daily. I might have you recommend the hotel you thought had the best value for the money, next time, however. Just for something different. 

A friend of mine has asked me to come to Costa Rica for a week and visit their new home so that is also coming up and I will definitely give you a call for some help with plane fares and including Miami into that little trip.

I’m so glad you dropped me an e-mail. Thank you so much for doing such a great job with this trip. I really was able to relax and enjoy the things I love to do the most -- be in warm weather and at the beach.

Fondly, Deb

Kjaere Kristina - Har du en God Yul og en Riktig God Nytaar.

Med Hjerteligste Hilsen, Og mange takk for alle informasjon.


Dear Kristina:

As usual we seem to be thoroughly taken care of  for our trip to Southern California in March. Thank you; the bookwork seems excellent. We both enjoyed your directions as to the airlines; well-written, concise and VERY helpful. You may not have picked it up, but, in spite of our many trips here, there and everywhere, we are both terrified of being able to handle the airline, the security and a month away from our "nest". With you handling the details, I am sure we'll make it . . . and get warm! Right now I'd like to be in SoCal. If we make it alright, I think we'll be ready for further adventure. It’s fun to say, "Wasn't that a wonderful experience - in the past!" It would take a lot of guts to launch us onto one of those wonderful trips to Europe with which you helped us so many times in the past.
A representative of California Alumni Association travel bureau said, very wisely, that most post-75 people stay within North America. I think that is wise.

While thinking of it (while looking at the luscious offerings of Seabourn) I thought about what we might do that wouldn't be too strenuous, include a relatively short flight, and have an experience like the Seabourn one you sent us on, but on land.
What, in your opinion, is the most interesting city in the U. S.?

What of some interesting spas like the Greenbriar that my parents used to love?
What is the most comfortable hotel/spa in the U. S. for late Spring or Summer?

What if we were rich and just wanted to spend time reading, resting and eating and doing nothing for a week?
I don't know whether we will do anything.

You are an old friend so you know us and I think you know our present limitations (mostly mobility).
I like your Web Page and your advertising.
Sincerely, BOB

Hi Kristina

We had a great time in Zihuatanejo! It was very relaxing and the kids had a lot of fun. The Sotavento Beach Resort was just fine. Most of the guests were Mexican, which suited my tastes. It is not brand new, but not run down either. Our room was huge, with a big shaded terrace and high ceilings. No air conditioning but the big ceiling fans were adequate. It is a hike down to the beach, about 180 steps, but one has to get some exercise during the day. We walked to town a couple of times in the evening, but otherwise relied on taxis. We went to Ixtapa Island and to Playa Las Gatas, but skipped the swim with the dolphins as being much too pricey. All the flights went fine, so we didn't get an extra night this time. We managed to keep everybody from burning too badly in the sun and enjoyed the snorkeling. It was all very relaxing. Thanks for the help in finding the hotel and flights.

We really enjoyed it all. - Ron

Our Wonderful Honeymoon

Hi Kristina!

Just wanted to tell you thank you for doing such a wonderful job arranging our honeymoon.
It was great to run into you in San Juan, and thank you for the lovely bottle of wine.
Angela and I had a terrific time, both in San Juan and Aruba - you did a fantastic job choosing the type of quaint spots we would have chosen ourselves. 
Thanks again, and we look forward to planning another trip thru you as soon as we can...
Tim and Angela Pollard


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