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Why Yacht Cruising

The sleek profile and maneuverability of our yachts gives you unparalleled access to Alaska's many wonders. You come so close to pristine waterfalls that you feel the invigorating spray. Your itinerary is flexible enough that your captain can change course when word of whale sightings comes over the radio, or slow the engines and linger in a tidal inlet if bears are out foraging on the beach. Maybe all the guests agree they want to spend extra time kayaking, hiking, or beachcombing. It's your trip.

We call it yacht cruising. We've plotted a course, set the menu and hired the crew. You get the pleasures of yachting without doing any of the work.

Lasting Friendships

Because your cruising party is small, you get to know your fellow travelers, people you'll have more to talk and laugh about with as the days go by. They're people like you, curious about new places and able to appreciate roads less traveled. Hiking or kayaking side by side, you and your shipmates will form lasting friendships. Our yachts accommodate just 12 or 21 guests, which also makes them perfect for a group of friends or family to charter.

Expert Guides, Friendly Captains

You also become familiar with your crew and staff, whose goal is to make every aspect of your journey a pleasure and to facilitate your adventures ashore. Most times, you're welcome to visit the bridge and discuss navigation with the captain. Throughout your voyage, you're accompanied by a knowledgeable expedition leader who offers timely narratives about the local history and wildlife, introduces you to local indigenous peoples, and keeps a lookout for wildlife. Humpback whales abeam while you're in the lounge? Your guide will sound the alert!

An Inclusive Experience

Maybe you remember other cruises where you had to pay extra for tours and your drinks at the ship's bar. Not with us. With the exception of a gratuity for the crew--which we believe is a very personal elective--everything is included on our cruise.

From your arrival at the airport to a fond farewell, you're a pampered guest aboard our yacht. Everything's included from the first to the last:

  • Gourmet meals
  • Premium wine, beer and liquor
  • Kayaking and Zodiac exploring
  • Exclusive shore excursions
  • On-board naturalist, or wine expert
  • Airport transfers
  • Port Charges, taxes, fees

Gourmet Dining, Casual Style

Dining is a true delight, a cornucopia of fresh local seafood, just-baked breads, hearty soups, exquisite entrees, sinfully delicious desserts. Everyone is served at one seating, family-style; dress is always casual. Of course, we're happy to plan for any special dietary needs, and if there's something you've got a craving for, let us know.


Comparison of Yacht and small ship Cruising

Yacht adventures versus a small-ship cruise comparison

Yacht Adventures

Small-Ship Tour

Exclusive: 12 to 22 guests; book a stateroom or charter the whole yacht for families of friends.

Most small ships are 80 to 150 passengers or more. Too large to charter for a family group.

Daylight-only travel ensures guests never miss the sights, scenery or wildlife they expect.

Ships travel at night to maintain the schedule, sometimes missing the sights and wildlife they cruise by.

Approximately one crew member per two guests.

Approximately one crew member per four guests.

Fine dining, gourmet cuisine and service

Good food and presentation.

Premium wines, micro-brews, liquors included.

Alcoholic beverages are not included.

Full staterooms with king, queen or twin beds, and full bath with step-in shower or Jacuzzi tub.

Most small ships have narrow beds or bunks and baths are often marine toilet/shower combos.

Flexible routes highlight pristine beaches, native villages, isolated coves and islands, and areas rich in wildlife. Yachts travel in protected passages and waterways.

Itineraries may focus on port calls and bus tours to distant locations. Small ships sometimes travel in unprotected waters which may cause sea sickness among passengers and crew.

Onboard Expedition Leader personally guides guests to view wildlife up close and provides daily naturalist presentations.

Standard cruise director provides commentary and is busy managing various tasks and large group of tourists.

No waiting in line for water activities or other excursions and events.

Passengers must wait while groups are organized for off-ship activities and tours.

Readily available activities include small-boat expeditions, kayaking, mountain biking, hikes, and visiting guest lecturers.

Limited activities offered off ship. Most often guests tour ports by bus.

Price and Value Comparison
(per person, double occupancy)


Yacht Adventures

Small Ship Tours

Deluxe stateroom - May 2004



Premium wine, beer, liquor



Exclusive shore excursions



Multiple guided wilderness hikes



Port charges, taxes and fees






Yacht Cruises takes you one step beyond the small-ship touring concept.
With intimate size, luxurious setting and open itineraries, the guests play in the waters and destinations where they travel, doing, not just viewing as on other cruises.

Yacht Cruising Luxury in Pursuit of Adventure

FAQ Yacht cruising

1. Should we expect to encounter rough seas on our yacht cruise in Alaska?

One of the nice things about our Alaska adventures is that they operate primarily in the inside of the Inside Passage. Rarely are the vessels exposed to the open ocean. In the event that we do expect unfavorable weather, we will give you plenty of notice so that you may take whatever motion sickness remedy that works best for you.

2. Is there access to a phone or email on the yacht?

The boats do not have phones or email capabilities for public use. They have communication devices to conduct ship's business and for emergency purposes. There are usually pay phones on or near the places we dock in port. The crew can also tell you where the nearest email access is in most ports of call.

3. Will I be able to use my cell phone on the yacht?

We find that cellular phones only work when we get near the more populated ports. You will be able to use them from time to time and your crew will try and let you know when we are in cellular range.

4. Is there television aboard the yacht.

The yachts are equipped with TV/VCR units in each stateroom. Television channels however, are usually unavailable due to the remote areas we visit. While you will have plenty of activities to keep you busy throughout the day and into the evening, we do have an extensive collection of movies onboard for you to view in your stateroom. We try to pick up newspapers as often as possible so that you can stay in touch with current events, however we are only able to do this in port so it is not a daily occurrence. We suggest you immerse yourself in the scenery and the adventure and leave the stresses of the modern living behind you. They will assuredly be there when you return.

5. What types of amenities do you have onboard? Is there anything I DON'T need to pack?

Each stateroom offers 2 luxurious bathrobes, a hair dryer and sundries such as shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion. The ship has an iron onboard but remember, this is casual yachting so no one will look twice if your clothes aren't perfectly pressed. The yachts also have umbrellas, yellow rain slickers and pants, and mud boots for you to use so you needn't pack those.

6. What things should I be sure to pack?

Binoculars, cameras, lots of film, a water and windproof jacket, hat and gloves, hiking boots or comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, a battery operated alarm clock, sun glasses, a bathing suit for the Jacuzzi or natural hot springs and Mexico, and a day bag or back pack to carry things. A travel journal to write of your adventures in is also a great idea.

7. Are their laundry services aboard?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer laundry service on board our yachts.

8. Is the water that comes out of the tap in my stateroom drinkable?

Absolutely. The water on board is treated and filtered and tastes quite good. We also offer plenty of bottled water for you to use or refill.

FOR MEXICO: The vessels will be making their own water onboard so there should be no concerns about its safety.

9. Will my hair dryer (or other electrical appliance) work on the vessel or do I need to bring an adapter?

The electrical outlets on the yachts are the same voltage as yours at home, if you live in North America. If you live in other parts of the world, you may need an adapter.

10. Is there fishing allowed from the yacht?

We are unable to allow fishing from the vessels, however fishing excursions can be arranged for you for an additional charge.

11. What's the best time of year to visit Alaska?

We try not to get into the business of predicting the weather or the wildlife. It has been our experience that the weather can be beautiful at anytime between April and September. Wildlife, too, is evident during these months. Most people travel to Alaska during June, July and August.

12. I've heard that there are a lot of insects in Alaska, particularly mosquitoes, should we bring bug spray?

We have found that there is not a great deal of bugs in the areas that we travel, however, if we do encounter them, your yacht crew will provide you with insect repellent.

13. Will we get to see the Northern Lights?

Northern lights (or Aurora Borealis) are more prevalent in the beginning and the end of the summer, when it gets darker earlier. You have a good chance of seeing them if you travel in May or August.

14. Is there a limit to how much luggage I can bring?

While our staterooms are surprisingly spacious, storage space is limited. The nice thing about our casual atmosphere is that you don't need to pack your evening gowns or tuxedos. Try to limit your bags to two per stateroom.

15. What, if any, are the medical facilities aboard the yachts?

Your yacht crew is trained in both first aid and CPR and there are first aid supplies onboard. While we don't have a physician onboard, we are never too far from a port where medical facilities are available.

16. Is smoking allowed on the yacht?

Smoking is prohibited anywhere inside the boat. Our smoking guests are welcome to smoke on the outer decks and ashtrays are provided.


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